Andrew Brennan

Played by:

Richard Burgi




Tax Evasion



Incarcerated in:

Orleans Correctional Facility

Andre Brennanis a convict and fugitive in Breakout Kings.

Character HistoryEdit

Convicted of tax evasion, Andre was a suspected associate of the Bad Elvis's, a ring of international jewelry thieves. They were given the name after a heist in which they all wore pompadour wigs, and are known for advanced materials, coded communications, and violence: one of their heists gone wrong left two security guards dead.

Imprisonment and EscapeEdit

Andre arranges for someone spray-paint "snich" in his cell to anger his cellmate, and then feigns ignorance and encourages him to retaliate, promising to back him up when he needs it. When his cellmate attacks other inmates in retribution, a riot ensues, and Andre uses the diversion (and the chaos caused by tear gas) to slip away. With the help of another inmate and a homemade key, he climbs up to the roof and escapes into a waiting car. During the riot, his cellmate is killed.

Crime SpreeEdit

Once on the run, Andre kills one of his own men who suggests that he step back and let the others take charge. He also leads them in a jewelry heist of over ten million dollars in diamonds.



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