Carl McCann

Played by:

Matthew John Amstrong




Felony Robbery




Cayuga Correctional Facility

Carl McCann is a convicted armed robber and fugitive in Breakout Kings. He was played by Matthew John Armstrong.

Crime DetailEdit

Carl McCann was convicted of felony robbery, and known for posing as a door-to-door salesman and then robbing the people at gunpoint who let him into their homes.

Fugitive EscapeEdit

McCann and another inmate, Oliver Day, team up to concoct an ingenious escape plan. McCann uses his position serving on the chow line to slip poison into the food of a particularly large inmate, named Lumbar. The inmate dies within a few minutes. Day uses his position working in the infirmary to stash the inmate in a supply closet and get access to his oversized coffin. The two men hide inside it, then jump out of it at the funeral and get control of the prison guard's weapon.


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