Ronald Barnes

Played by:

Jeff Seymour







Incarcerated in:

Attica Correctional Facility

Ronald Barnes is a convicted embezzler and fugitive who is portrayed by Jeff Seymour.

Crime DetailEdit

Ronald Barnes is a sociopath. An embezzler convicted of charities fraud and insider trading, he had stolen over half a billion dollars before being apprehended.

Fugitive EscapeEdit

Barnes times his escape down to the second. At precisely the moment he expects, an 18-wheeler crashes through the brick wall of the prison and the chaos sends prisoners and guards flying. As the driver distracts the guards with gunfire, Barnes boards the back of the truck along with Chester Rhodes, Tran Jun, Sandy Clemente, and Carlos Zepeda. They grab a guard as a hostage, then climb into an SUV in the back of the truck and drive out through the giant hole in the wall. Later, the guard is murdered by Rhodes.


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